exceptional, high-quality, handcrafted


exceptional, high-quality, handcrafted


Proud to be a part of the fabric of Louisiana Hospitality for nearly 20 years

Neat Wines is a premier Louisiana-based wine and spirits distributor focused on high quality, handcrafted products. Owned and operated by industry veterans, the goal of Neat Wines is providing our colleagues in the industry access to highly sought-after, small production wines and spirits from all over the world.

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Neat Wines has assembled a world-class team of hospitality, restaurant + beverage experts to help you offer the most unique and interesting selections.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients exceptional customer service. Our team takes ownership in your success which allows us to consistently provide amazing service and foster long-term strategic partnerships. No egos, no hassles – we’re here to serve you by providing the best wines at a fair price.

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a great spritz for mardi gras!

@jennyfrancois azimut cava with a little @tedward_ws @faccia_brutto_spirits aperitivo!

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@christina_wines are delicious on the gulf coast, the east coast or the west coast! enjoy it wherever you are!

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Sans Wine Co., source organically grown grapes from old vine vineyards in Lake, Mendocino and Napa Counties. These wines are made naturally and are produced in the Napa Valley. All of these wines are certified vegan, contain no added sulfites and are fermented dry, with no residual (or added) sugar. Sans is the first producer of single vineyard, variety and vintage specific wines packaged in cans!

These wines over deliver and leave everyone who drinks them happy. We are so excited that we have the honor of showing these wines to the Louisiana market!

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“Superbloom is named after the wildflowers that erupt in the desert after a wetter-than-normal rainy season. They’re a sign that winter is over and warmer, happier days are ahead. We know that spring has not yet sprung in a lot of the country—but in the meantime, you can sip on Superbloom and dream of warm California nights.”

super bloom 2020 has arrived, and we’re so excited!

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Pulpe F!#/[email protected] Muscadet from our friends @liseetbertrandjousset @reaunicolas @boboselections @tedward_ws

“Lise, Bertrand, and Nicolas searched for organic farmers to pursue the project, and they found Antoine and Philippe Delaunay. Expert farmers who have been growing organically since 2011, Antoine and Philippe are real “paysans” with a focus on biodiversity in the vineyards. They have 25 hectares of Melon de Bourgogne near Nantes, in the small village of Vertou. After exploring the vineyards and identifying the varied terroirs of the holdings, they selected the parcels located on decomposed granite soils in order to produce a Muscadet with notable finesse.
The project comes to fruition at harvest. Jousset and Reau had been involved throughout the vintage with dialogue and regular visits with the Delaunays throughout the growing season. Then when the ideal conditions were reached, Jousset and Reau made the call on the harvest date and brought their team out to the vineyard to make their selections. All steps of the vinification were guided by these natural winemakers to ensure the integrity of the wine.” #drinknaturalwine #muscadetsevreetmaine #muscadet #drinkmoremuscadet #oysterwine #candiedlemonrind #drinknola #winelover