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We’ve assembled a world-class team of hospitality, restaurant + beverage experts to help you offer the finest selections.

We take ownership in your success which allows us to consistently provide amazing service. No egos, no hassles – we’re here to serve you by providing the best wines at a fair price.

Andy Blouin has been deeply involved in the restaurant industry in Louisiana since his first busboy job in 1990.  Not only has Andy worked for national restaurant chains, but also worked for successful restaurateurs in the Baton Rouge area.

In 1999, he and his business partner opened their first restaurant, Serranos Salsa Company. In addition to Serranos, Andy has also co-founded Blend Wine Bar and Trademark on 3rd.  He has been involved in multiple other restaurant and bar projects as a consultant or operator.  He is a board member on the Louisiana Restaurant Association Baton Rouge Chapter and served on the Executive Board as president for 2 years.  He also served two terms as a board member for Visit Baton Rouge in an executive roll.  Andy is comfortable speaking to a group or rolling out a 5-course dinner from the kitchen.

Andy’s contributions from his restaurant and operational experiences are assets to the Neat Wines crew. He can be described as a Cabernet Franc grape. He is seen in a variety of settings and has been around for a while. He is happy to share his name on any label. His flavor shines thru, whether blended with other grapes or standing alone. Andy remains traditional, balanced and structured.

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Having worked on both sides of the bar in iconic New Orleans institutions and many years with a wine and spirits distributor, Juan truly understands the needs of our hospitality industry clients. Like a Red Blend or Claret, this Metairie native is bold and spicy while also being loyal and reliable. He leads our team in providing consistent and quality customer service and fostering long-term strategic partnerships. He relishes the opportunity to get to know the winemakers we work with so we can continue to provide our clients with unique, small batch wines that add interest to our clients’ portfolios. While Juan enjoys a fine wine, you may just find him drinking the champagne of beers or a Bourbon with Ginger.

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This casino industry veteran and New Orleans native has extensive experience with premier hospitality brands around the country. Mickey truly understands exceptional customer service and the value of providing clients with unmatched quality. Like a Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region, Mickey is sophisticated and classic with an appreciation for the finer things. With years of experience leading countless casinos. Mickey understands the diverse needs of customers across all demographics.

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Like a perfectly balanced Sparkling Riesling, Melissa is the steadfast and reliable team member that keeps the Neat Wines office operating seamlessly. When she’s not working behind-the-scenes on our clients’ success, you can find Melissa enjoying a great conversation with her friends over a glass of Rose’ or Bubbly. When you meet this fun, organized #Boymom, ask her about her Australian Blue Heeler Poppy Jane.

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If Carol were a wine, she’d be a red blend: smooth, funny, quirky and bold when needed. Carol brings over twenty years of experience as a wine & spirits shop owner. She loves the opportunity to introduce wines to novices in an approachable language. Carol believes Neat Wines’ work with small batch production allows the team to be uniquely involved in the winemakers’ process and then pass that experience along to their clients. When you meet Carol, ask her about her pet goat.

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Austin born and San Antonio raised, John’s first trip to New Orleans was filled with great food, great wine, and Bons Temps. Four years later, he found himself moving to the Crescent City itself, and four years later found himself engaged to a Kenner native, walking their two corgis down the oak-lined uptown streets. Like a good Rose Franciacorta, John takes joy in every occasion, big or small, and pairs with a surprising variety of situations. His love of wine — especially Italian — comes from 10 years in the restaurant industry, working any role from server, to line cook, to wine director. You can find him on the weekend at one of his favorite restaurants, playing basketball, singing karaoke, cooking up a storm, or playing Dungeons & Dragons (probably with a Paloma or Margarita in hand). When you meet him, ask him why he’s learning to code.

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Just like a Pinot Noir, Justin’s versatility and reliability makes him an ideal partner for our clients. As a home cook, Justin frequently experiments with the perfect food and wine pairings. His vast experience in tasting wines from all over the world, paired with his love of cooking helps him select the right wines for our clients’ wine lists. While Justin loves wine, you can also find him enjoying a beer or margarita while watching football, playing golf and taking his dogs for a walk. When you meet him, ask him which glass of wine he couldn’t stop thinking about after trying it.

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In Cullen’s world, the first drink is always the bartender’s choice and he hopes that choice is a French Burgundy. With years of experience in wine and liquor sales, as well as time spent as a bartender, Cullen is an expert in wine programming, pricing and marketing for his clients. This Northshore-native loves the culture, products and people at Neat Wines and believes these are the elements that set our team apart. When you meet Cullen, ask him what sport he’s coaching when he’s not working hard for his clients.

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From creating beverage programs at some of the top chef-owned restaurants in Southern California to building and operating his own food truck in Colorado to humble beginnings as a busboy, Nick’s diverse hospitality industry background is a huge asset to our team. Just like a Cabernet Franc, Nick blends well with others or solidly stands alone, whichever suits the particular situation. Nick believes Neat Wines’ combination of commitment to family owned and operated wineries, as well as mindful winemaking sets our portfolio apart. In Nick’s downtime, you can find him on a trail with his spry Husky named Asti or working on his oil paintings of portraits and landscapes.

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Lovingly referred to as “Coach,” Pat brings nearly forty years of experience as a teacher, coach, salesperson and spirits enthusiast to the team. While he may compare himself to a smooth chardonnay, you’ll find him drinking a vodka soda with lime if you saddle up next to him at the bar. Pat believes the team camaraderie and hidden treasures in our portfolio set Neat Wines apart from the competition. When you meet Pat, ask him about his marching club.

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This Destrehan native and father of two boys has worked in every facet of the hospitality industry. He is heavily involved in his community and enjoys offering a hand to anyone in need. His friends describe him as easy going, laid back and loyal. Like a good California Pinot Noir, Steven is well rounded, full of flavor and pairs well with many! Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. He believes happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and take steps to make it happen! Next time you see Steven, be sure to ask him about his favorite place to eat in his neck of the woods!

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